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My name is Robert M. Hamburger and I am founder of I am dedicated to raising awareness about adverse reactions to the mRNA injections and providing a supportive community for those who have been adversely affected.


From a young age I was immersed in wholistic health principles by my mother who became a naturopathic clinician in the middle years of her life. My mother’s beliefs emphasized the importance of nurturing one's natural immune system, advocating for minimal reliance on pharmaceutical products and prioritizing healing through dietary and lifestyle choices. I embraced her philosophies and am forever grateful for her teachings.


Upon the emergence of the Covid vaccines I had many questions. I questioned why would I choose a pharmaceutical creation to do for my body what my body is naturally designed to do for itself. I questioned the speed in which the shots were brought to market. I questioned how the modified strands of mRNA might alter our innately brilliant immune systems in ways that might not be evident for years. I questioned the representation of these interventions being unequivocally "safe and effective” as paradoxical considering the inherent unpredictability of the future. Moreover, I questioned the absence of emphasis on promoting robust immune systems through natural means.


As my reservations about the mRNA injections deepened over the years my attention started to shift towards those grappling with adverse reactions. It become apparent that many people are silently enduring health concerns and medical  hardships. Their stories and those of numerous others are often sidelined or altogether disregarded. It was this realization that prompted me to establish this platform, spurred by encounters with two acquaintances in their thirties, both who had struggled with disruptions in their menstrual cycles for the better part of a year after their second shots.


My mission is to have diverse and responsible information become part of the vaccine discourse. Driven by my upbringing and fueled by my own inquiries over the past several years I continue to strive to understand the complexities of the vaccine narrative. My journey has led me to advocate for a wholistic approach to health and one that prioritizes empowering individuals to take charge of their wellbeing by building our natural immune system. I remain steadfast in my commitment to understanding the emerging evidence and promoting health that transcends pharmaceutical interventions in favor of a more wholistic approach.

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