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In the span of a few months the world witnessed an unprecedented scientific breakthrough - the rapid development and distribution of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. The technology emerged as a beacon of hope in the midst of a global pandemic that had wreaked havoc on our lives. Scientists, healthcare professionals, heads of state, media and celebrities worldwide celebrated this monumental achievement. With the promise of immunity and a return to normalcy the vaccines were administered to billions of people at record speed and ushered in what many believed was a renaissance in healthcare.


We find ourselves in uncharted territory. The widespread administering of the mRNA technology to a large percentage of the world’s population in a short period of time marked an unprecedented era of medical experimentation. 


At we seek to shine light on the lesser known aspects of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Let us slow down and examine the evidence. Let us discuss the real life effects mRNA has on humans. Who is getting covid multiple times? Who is now being hospitalized with it? Are fully vaccinated children indeed healthier than their unvaxxed peers? Do they experience less doctor’s visits? Post-vaccine syndrome needs to be studied. Are extended symptoms Long Covid? Or Long Vaccine? Why have we seen increases in Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Guillian-Barre, Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), Bell's palsy, cardiac issues, neuropathy, pneumonia, bronchitis, tinnitus, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, headaches and body aches?


We encourage you to report your experiences to VAERS. We invite you to join our forum to share your experiences and connect with others. This platform is a space for us to explore various perspectives and engage in respectful conversations about vaccine-related concerns. You too are an expert and have knowledge worth sharing. We respect your views and input. We assist people to access resources. We foster informed decision-making. We aspire to share wholistic approaches to recovery and pathways to wellbeing. 


Join our growing community today and please reach out to us on the contact page if you desire further information or resources.

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