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An alternative way

Updated: Mar 15

Our current global trajectory in healthcare is emblematic of a profound shift - one where our collective actions are reshaping the landscape of medical progress. We find ourselves at a juncture where the floodgates of change have been thrown open, ushering in what many would have us believe is a renaissance in healthcare innovation. This paradigm shift is based on unfounded trust people have put into governmental bodies and pharmaceutical giants with regards to new genetic modifications. These technologies were then disseminated through either mandatory or strongly persuasive measures. The absence of comprehensive long-term safety and efficacy data further compounds the uncertainty, casting a shadow over the potential consequences of embracing these genetic modifications.

These formulas, representing the cutting edge of biomedical science, hold the promise of revolutionizing how we combat diseases, enhance human performance, and even extend our lifespans. However it is important to recognize the profound implications of this medical pioneering. It should not merely be profits yet rather about the ethical and societal ramifications of empowering entities to dictate the course of biomedical research and development.

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